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Nike Shoes

Nike is one of the leading brands in the industry with its shoes, clothing, equipment and especially shoes. In addition to the daily shoe models that complement the styles, there are also designs produced with technologies specific to sports branches. It develops its technology every day to provide comfort and flexibility to the athletes in sports such as basketball, volleyball, running, football and fitness. While the technologies in Nike shoe models sometimes come to the fore with soles that support runners’ road grip, sometimes they give confidence to the players on the basketball court with non-slip rubber soles.

Highlights of Nike Shoe Models

Nike shoe models; They are models produced with technology specific to each sport field in order to provide maximum performance with minimum effort in many fields such as daily, walking, training, tennis, football and basketball. Court Vision Low sneaker, which is the most preferred among Nike daily shoes, is ideal for daily use by allowing the foot to breathe thanks to its leather structure and mesh model. Nike’s Air Max technology also emphasizes comfort in daily life. Air Max, which is one of the models frequently preferred by sports shoes lovers, protects foot health with its cushioning technology as well as its comfort and elegance. Thanks to the special structure of its sole and its breathable design, the Air Max model, which prevents sweating, also stands out with its odor-free feature.

The Court series of Nike shoes, specially designed for tennis lovers, is produced to provide comfort during the game, thanks to its flat sole and its structure that fixes the foot without squeezing.

Nike shoes are unisex basketball shoes models; Thanks to the special technological design of the heel, arch and tip of the foot, it will allow you to make sudden turns while keeping your balance during the game.

There are special designs for almost every field, as well as football boots and astroturf shoes for football players. Nke shoe models for football players increase the grip force on the field thanks to the nails specially positioned on the ground and protect the player against possible accidents by making it easier to hold on to the grass during the match.

Maximum Performance with Nike Sports Shoe Technology!

Nike shoes combine their designs with street fashion. While doing this, it not only captures the style, but also produces technologies suitable for the athlete, highlighting its designs both visually and functionally. In Nike sneaker models, the models that are produced with thick-soled Air technology and serve as cushioning are offered to the preference of athletes with both high-top and non-top options.

Nike men’s shoes include cleats that are specially produced for football players for grip and comfort on the field. The teeth of the cleats special for dry grass are positioned at special angles under the shoes for a strong grip on dry grass. Accurately angled cleats make it easier to hold onto dry grass, guaranteeing speed above the athlete’s normal performance. These cleats provide comfort with cushioning technology in almost every step of the athlete’s running and turning. In order to increase the performance in artificial turf; Nike Mercurial series of Nike shoes come to the fore. Nike shoes in this series are specially designed with All Conditions Control technology to prevent the football boots used on artificial turf from being affected by the weather in sunny, rainy or snowy weather, thanks to the aerotrac zone.

The Revolution series of Nike sneakers are perfect for short-distance outdoor running. Thanks to the knit fabric of the Nike shoe series, sweating is prevented while the athlete’s foot is breathing, and it also offers the athlete maximum comfort during running. While there is a great variety in Nike women’s sports shoes, there are also children’s sports shoes models produced with the latest technology. You can find the most suitable women’s, children’s and men’s Nike men’s sneakers at Sportive, and you can buy them immediately with the assurance of originality.